CUSSES to Rock The Odditorium June 14


CUSSES to Rock The Odditorium June 14

CUSSES will be performing June 14 at The Odditorium . 

CUSSES is a trio of musicians with one main goal; to play really loud music. This Georgia based band brings their bold mix of metal and grunge to The Odditorium on June 14.

I was able to ask them a few question to get those about to rock ready for the show. Be sure to check out CUSSES performing "Golden Rat" below.


Lauryn Higgins: For readers completely new to your music, can you describe your style and how the band began?

CUSSES: Brian and Bryan played in a band in college together, and started jamming together when Brian moved back to Savannah from Louisana. They then convinced Angel to sing with them months later and the Cusses arose. Style pools from all of our different influences, 70’s soul, 80’s hairspray rock, touch of metal, and 90’s grunge are some of the genres we pull from.


Lauryn: Your sound is often described as "bold" and "loud." Is this intentional or does the creative process tend to organicallly lead you into louder more uptempo songs?

CUSSES: It is big and loud on purpose. We want to get your attention and have you feel all of the crazy things going inside of each one of us. Having a girl sing the songs brings in different touch and feel to the project. We like to cover the gamut of emotions in one song. We want to bring you up and down the roller coaster with us. We do have some softer songs that have different emotions in the set. So fasten your seat belt.



Lauryn: You just released a four song EP titled, Here Comes the Rat, which is taste of your new album, Golden Rat. Can you tell our readers a little more about the EP and the creative process?

CUSSES: This is just a taste of some of the more upbeat songs from the record. The appetizer before the main course. Our creative process is just fluidity of getting together working out our emotions. It tends to be spontaneous writing for the most part. The guitarist Bryan always has a riff, or the drummer a beat, then it molds from there. Some of the songs come as quick as we can write them and some of them we sit on and see how they develop overtime.


Lauryn: You are a Georgia based band – what made you want to bring your music to Asheville?

CUSSES: We love Asheville! The drummer is originally from Hickory, NC. We recorded our first record in Asheville at the amazing Echo Mountain Studios. Some of our best friends live here. So it’s like playing home for us! It’s a very special place to us and we are very excited anytime we get the honor to play there!


Lauryn: Can you tell me what we can expect from your live show?

CUSSES: You hopefully can expect to be exhausted and very sweaty by the end of it. We put everything we’ve got into every live show. It’s one of favorite things about music, the live experience and connecting with your friends and fans.