Community, Home and Toast: This is the Good Life


Community, Home and Toast: This is the Good Life

  • SaraJane Case

    SaraJane Case is a blogger, photographer, bourbon drinker, and all around lover of people. She's passionate about surrounding herself with those who are genuine and open, and also...

Happy Wednesday y’all! I’m thinking it is right about time for me to send out a little appreciation for the good things in my world! Which brings me to another edition of “This is the Good Life.”
1. Coffee Shops and Community.

I honestly did try to keep the coffee related gratitude to a minimum. I did. But, let’s be honest, it’s one of the best reasons that this life is good.
Today I’m particularly grateful that coffee shops bring so many people together. It’s actually quite lovely if you think about it. So many of my dearest friends I connected with at coffee shops and over coffee as well as some of my favorite acquaintances. That’s not even mentioning all of the beautiful discussions that happen over coffee, the people who fall in love at coffee shops, and this song written about falling in love at a coffee shop… {here.}
2. Avocado on Toast.

It started simply. I put some avocado on a slice of whole wheat. I topped it with sea salt and I died. How had I made it this long without trying it? Then, I shared that sentiment on my facebook page and you all did not let me down. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed at the amount of passionate responses and new ideas for things to put on toast.
Thank you. Sincerely.
3. Homes away from home.

I travel a lot for work. I’m in the same cities over and over again on a regular basis. It’s one of my favorite parts of this job that I get to travel to new places frequently. What may be better then traveling somewhere completely new? Traveling to the same places enough that they feel like you’re visiting an old friend. Going to the same coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, and making small talk with the same people who work there. It just makes the world feel a whole lot smaller and more intimate.
4. Iced Reko.

Ok, two out of four isn’t bad right? Reko is an Ethiopian washed coffee. It’s known for being tea-like and tasting like rose-hips, melon, and citrus. When you drink it as an iced pour over I think it tastes like honey dew melon tea and it could be the meaning of life.
with love and the good life,