CHRISTOWERKS | the Experience


CHRISTOWERKS | the Experience

  • Troy Winterrowd

    Troy is known as the Mod Man in Asheville. Since leaving his 60’s contemporary home overlooking the Columbia River in the northwest 8 years ago he has been scouting out hints of...

Christowerks, a local graphic design studio, opened a small show on entrepreneurship Friday evening. The intimate gathering took place in the back room of The Mothlight in West Asheville. The artistic team wanted to put together a provoking experience to create dialogue around their experience as a young company here in Asheville. Overall, I really appreciated the effort and composition of the experience while admiring their ability to expose their vulnerability as a company. I did find it provoking. ChristoComp
Here, in part, is how they describe their show -

In direct observation of the risk and questionable future of running an independent business in the face of a rapidly changing commercial landscape, we as an independently run design studio sought to examine the experience of choosing the independent path.

Stop by the Mothlight this month and check out their work.