Carbs and Caffeine: OWL Bakery Comes to West Asheville


Carbs and Caffeine: OWL Bakery Comes to West Asheville

  • Mali C

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Coming soon to West Asheville is a bakery that will spoil you for all other bakeries, possibly forever: OWL (Old World Levain). I first tasted their baked goods at the bread festival last year. Once I recovered from the well-earned bread coma I began diligently stalking their progression from blogging to seasonally inspired weekly pick-ups to fun pop-up shops.

Now for the most exciting news: soon they will be opening a brick and mortar at 295 Haywood Rd! Mid-April is their projected open date. I predict that April will be a fabulous month to forget the bikini body and start permanently carbo loading. 

Susannah Gebhart, the proprietor of this soon-to-be best bakery ever, was kind enough to let me interview her recently. Susannah is a genuine and delightful person to converse with. She is also self-proclaimed baking geek, world traveler, and the holder of the coolest degree I’ve ever heard: International Studies with a specialization in Food Anthropology. How fantastic would it be to study the combination of food and culture? The mega food nerd in me is perhaps debating going back to school. The practical side of me says I’ve spent enough money.

The European-style bakery will exist as a Wi-Fi free space for the community to unwind from the hustle and connect with friends instead of the internets over hot tea, Mountain Air Roasting coffee and of course the fresh baked goodies. The themes for OWL will be local, seasonal, fresh, and community-minded. Herbs will be grown in the back of the bakery, fruits and veggies will be predominantly local and seasonal, and their flour is even sourced in North Carolina. Seasonally-inspired flavors and specials will rotate daily, and there is even talk of having guest roasters. Mondays will be hearth-baked bagels; Wednesdays will celebrate English tea time; Sundays will be the day that leftover croissant dough bits are transformed into deep-fried heaven--every day will be amazing.   


This European-inspired bakery is going to be a fabulous addition to the Asheville community. I’m genuinely hopeful that OWL flourishes and everyone eats there. My fellow Ashevillians: you need to mark your calendars and get ready to taste the love!!!!

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