Business Casual + My Asheville Workplace Identity


Business Casual + My Asheville Workplace Identity

  • SaraJane Case

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When I was in college, I attended a seminar meant to prepare us for our futures in the workforce. It was held at the local country club and we were taught many things about how to nail an interview, how to create a professional resume and much more. We were taught which fork you were supposed to use at certain incriments during a fancy dinner and how to dress for a professional work environment. Among the tips included for women, there was: always wear pantyhose, never go to work without make-up on, and make sure to wear close-toed and sensible shoes. 

As a creative, a feminist, and someone who just hates being told what to do, I made a point to reject that notion all together. I was lucky because I left college and went into working for myself. I was able to dress however I deemed appropriate for the workplace and when I picked up odd jobs here and there, they were coffee shop jobs. So, I was able to remain as blissfully casual as I'd like. As I transitioned my career this year I've found myself in an office with other people. However, I've been lucky enough to work for a killer company that supports my lack of pantyhose and desire to curl my hair on a daily basis. 

When I signed on to do the "Look for Less Challenge" with The Asheville Outlets, we were given the challenge to create a back-to-school or a professional look as we move into a new season. I love the idea and can't wait to see what everyone puts together. As I began shopping, I knew that I wanted to create an outfit that I would actually wear to work. Instead of trying to piece together what I believed to be business professional, I accepted my more laid back nature and created an outfit that I'll call Business Casual. Nice enough to wear to work, but, easy enough to not feel like I'm being put on display. 

Dress, necklace, hat & sunglasses: Forever 21 at the Asheville Outlets
Shawl: American Eagle at the Asheville Outlets
Shoes: Maurices at the Asheville Outlets