The Bee's Knees Vintage Market @ The Odditorium Sunday 8/19


The Bee's Knees Vintage Market @ The Odditorium Sunday 8/19

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The Bee's Knees at The Odditorium



Sara Legatski, a staple of sustainable vintage fashion in downtown Asheville as owner of Honeypot Vintage on Lexington Avenue for almost 20 years, along with Eugenia Borkowski, who after almost 15 years of managing vintage stores in San Francisco and New York and her own Etsy site, hooked up last year to create The Bee's Knees Flea Market; a collective of crafters, artists, vintage collectors and rotating vendors which ran every weekend out of a garage on Haywood Road.


Now they pop up on the third Sunday of every month at The Odditorium, the iconic West Asheville bar and event venue and family friendly gothic paradise located on Haywood Road



I worked for Sara for a couple years and we just have a special bond. We work really well together and balance each other out so when she got the idea of doing a mini flea market last year I jumped at the chance to help out. Especially when she said I could bring my toddler and have a lot of creative control. It organically grew from there and when she got The Odditorium this year I was really excited. It's the perfect venue for what we're doing. I hope we keep getting better and better, that's the goal of everything right?


Vintage has always been very important in my life. I grew up pretty poor and we would shop for school clothes at Goodwill or the San Francisco 'Bins'. 



I discovered that if I wore unique, quirky clothing the fact that they were second hand became less of an issue and the emphasis was on my originality instead. These days thrifting is very meditative for me. Finding a Pucci dress hidden among a rack of Old Navy hand me downs is a total rush. I love scrounging and digging. I'm like a rat I guess, but a fashionable rat, hopefully." 



Check out the flyer below and here for more info.


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