Asheville Works the Runway


Asheville Works the Runway

  • Emily Ballard

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It’s no secret that Asheville has changed quite a bit over the years. I am constantly shocked by the circus that downtown becomes on a regular basis. Despite the lack of parking (I miss my secret parking spots that are now taken over by paid lots), and the overall claustrophobic feeling of being surrounded by hordes of people and gawkers, change is not always a bad thing. The growth is certainly a double edged sword, good for the local economy but often times a little sad for the locals and artists that came here seeking a hidden gem mountain town.
But with the hustle and bustle of a newly anointed “destination” comes the opportunity for events that were never previously available. For instance I never would have imagined that I would attend a fashion runway show on a Wednesday night – a kickoff event for Asheville Fashion Week in sleepy little Asheville. But I did, and not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised. I’m well aware that Asheville certainly has a fashion scene but I was ultimately worried that this would be a cheesy wannabe event.
Did I feel like I was experiencing a New York fashion extravaganza? Probably not. There were a few glitches such as seeing the computer mouse changing the backdrop, and models rushing down the runway like they couldn’t wait to be back behind the curtain. But I chalk that up to just initial runway jitters. Overall the designers and their creativity were impressive. There were definitely some stunners. I am completely obsessed with the Wildflower Bridal jumpsuit that stole the show for me. Angela Kim’s designs were whimsical, and KatDog Couture was fierce and so completely Asheville.

Gage Models and Talent Agency certainly has a formula for these fashion events, and although I’ll admit there was some serious skepticism on my part, I was surprised and impressed by the level of talent, the quality, and the sheer creativity. I was inspired to break out my sewing machine and Project Runway it up myself.