Asheville Vaudeville will heat up ToyBoat Artspace in February!


Asheville Vaudeville will heat up ToyBoat Artspace in February!

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Feb 27 2016 Asheville Vaudeville

A bit weary of traditional theater? Are you feeling the February blues? Are you a believer in the "Keep Asheville Weird" movement? 

Have we got the show for you!

Asheville Vaudeville invites you to their first performance of 2016 on February 27. A spectacular evening of performances awaits you at Toy Boat Community Artspace in Biltmore Village.

This month, your Master of Ceremonies will be Keith Shubert of ToyBox Theatre, a puppeteer whose creativity knows no bounds! We are also pleased to welcome back the vaudevillian comedy of Millie Van Illa, some clowning by Dan Sinkfowl, hula hoop flow arts by April Shapril, the stand up comedy of Corr de Joch, and expressive physical theater by UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb. We welcome some new performers to the Asheville Vaudeville stage, as well: juggling by Luke the Great, physical comedy and acrobatics by Pocket Fluff Productions, dance by The Katherine Slowburn Experience and mind blowing burlesque by Lune Noirr!


Asheville Vaudeville has proudly featured the various skills, talents, and unique art of our local performers for many years. Every act is guaranteed to have never been performed before at Asheville Vaudeville, so you’ll always see something new!

The 7:30 show is $15, 10:00 is $12. Tickets are available at the door. Get there early and claim your spot - don't get turned away from a sold out show! 

Things tend toward the odd, adult, and edgy, so leave the kids at home, ok?

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