The Asheville Vaudeville season begins with two shows on September 17, 2016!


The Asheville Vaudeville season begins with two shows on September 17, 2016!

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Hello, folks! Step Right Up! 

Join us and be entertained as Asheville Vaudeville kicks off the fall season with two shows on Saturday, September 17th, 2016 at Toy Boat Community Artspace in Biltmore Village.

The Master of Ceremonies for this show is the stupendous Sneaky McFly of Seduction Sideshow and Unifire Theater fame. His magical mayhem will guide you through an evening of dynamic performances that are sure to astound, amuse, and amaze! 

We are pleased to welcome back the stand up comedy of Craig Holcombe, and Corr de Joch, clowning by Rigel 7, artistic skating by Elizabeth Evans, a dangerous spoken word piece by MollitovTumult, and a surprise special guest performance. Allow us to entice you with burlesque performances by her highness Queen April, the fierce Catalina Mystique, and our newcomer to the stage, Moxie Easton!

Asheville Vaudeville has proudly featured the various skills, talents, and unique art of our local performers since 2009. Every act that you see at Asheville Vaudeville is guaranteed never to have been performed at any of our previous shows, so you’ll always see something new!

As usual, this show is intended for grownup children, 18+

Tickets are available at the door. 7:30pm – 15$, 10:00pm – 12$

The Details:

WHO: Asheville Vaudeville

WHAT: A night of vaudeville performance, including burlesque, puppetry, comedy, and dance. Two Shows in one fabulous night!

WHEN: Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 7:30pm and 10:00pm

WHERE: Toy Boat Community Artspace, 101 Fairview Road, Asheville (in Biltmore Village)

PRICE: $15.00 for 7:30 pm show, $12.00 for 10:00pm show. Tickets at door.



Featuring Performances By:

Sneaky McFly

Corr De Joch

Catalina Mystique

Queen April

Moxie Easton

Elizabeth Evans

Rigel 7

Craig Holcombe

Mollitov Tumult

and more...?!