Asheville Negroni Week Awards!


Asheville Negroni Week Awards!

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Monica Koerschner, left with Katie Hild at Tiger Mountain for the Negroni Week finale party

By Monica Koerschner

Sunday wrapped up Negroni Week, a 7 day, nationwide celebration of all things Negroni that raises money for various local charities. The Negroni is a classic cocktail; the traditional version is comprised of equal parts gin, campari, and vermouth – although bartenders everywhere are making tons of fun variations.

Asheville, being awesome like it is, fully embraced Negroni Week with 14 participating bars and restaurants AND they turned it into a contest. Me and my buddies, being Negroni lovers and fierce competitors, took on the challenge of trying a Negroni at all 14 spots and, since we’re now fully experienced experts, decided to hand out the First Annual Asheville Negroni Awards:


Most Photogenic

Bull & Beggar – This photo says it all. Yes, it tasted as spectacular as it looks. 

Bull and Beggar Negroni



Yacht Club – Bringing out the bitterness that makes a Negroni so awesome! 

Yacht Club Negroni


Most Fun

Tiger Mountain – We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Negroni slushy made even yummier with a splash of Noble Cherry Cider.


Interesting Variations

Buffalo Nickel –These guys served a Tequila Negroni that was fantastic! 


Best Twist

Rhubarb – This lovely Negroni was served with a house made Rhubarb tonic made by my pal and guest Bartender, Hank. 


Most Fun to Watch Being Made

Crow and Quill – Bringing the fire and the perfect classic Negroni!


Most Creative

MG Road – Multiple tasty variations on the Negroni. 

MG Road Negroni



Sovereign Remedies – Check out this beautiful Negroni with a strawberry twist. YUM! 


Best Surprise


Lex 18 – This gem was served with a Negroni soaked ice cube! 



Nightbell – Delicious and strong. We loved the carbonated, Negroni-soaked orange slice garnish. Yes, you read that right.

Nightbell Negroni


Best View

Top of the Monk – Delectable Negroni + a beautiful view. Hard to beat!

Top of the Monk Negroni


Best use of Fruit

The Southern – Strawberry Negroni – healthy and tasty! This was the very last stop of the week & I forgot a photo of the drink (HA). I did get a pic of some fully stamped Negroni Week passports. 


Best Food Pairing

Cucina 24 – Phenomenal food plus amazing Negronis! (Special thanks to Donnie Pratt, for donating Cucinas Negroni proceeds to a charity near and dear to my heart, Open Doors of Asheville


My Personal Favorite

Imperial Life – Kick ass Barrel aged Negroni. Period. GET ONE! 


The week culminated with a lively party at Tiger Mountain. I’ll let the photos below explain how killer that was!

Yes, it was a serious fun and ridiculous week! We especially loved meeting and hanging with the bartenders who are so passionate about their craft. BIG thanks to Jasper Adams with Imperial Life for organizing.


Adios Negroni Week, you were EPIC!



Photo credits: Katie Hild, Kasey Hotchkiss, Lauren Jones, Chris Repass, and Tiger Mountain photo booth