Asheville Ink > Meet the Artist: Becka Schoedel of FOREVER Tattoo


Asheville Ink > Meet the Artist: Becka Schoedel of FOREVER Tattoo

  • Tiffany Narron

    Tiffany is a writer interested in sharing stories concerning the human experience, artistic dedication and social / environmental justice. As a young girl growing up on the coast of North Carolina...

Tattoo by Becka Schoedel of Forever Tattoo

Q: So, what’s your story? How’d you end up here in Asheville and at FOREVER Tattoo?

A: I was born in Long Island in the early 90s. Then we (my family) migrated to North Dakota. My parents ... always wanted to move to this area and [when I was] growing up they were always talking about how, environmentally and politically, this is the place they wanted to be. So I made their fantasies my own. I was actually here five years ago and came down to look at homes in Hendersonville to move here, then got a call from my parents that there was a massive flood and their home was destroyed. So I went back to help them with reconstruction and ended up working as an apprentice and then tattoo artist there.

Q: Why tattoo? How did you get into this art form?

A: When I first got into it, I was attending school for art education and in the midst of that I started to realize that I didn’t think that would be the right fit for me. It was around that time that I started seeing what could be done with skin art. I guess I always thought of tattooing as being American traditional with super bold, thick lines and simple imagery and that was it. Then I learned there was so much more that could be done.

Q: What styles or artists really shook up how you saw tattooing and made you want to personally try your hand at it?

A: The European tattoo artists really got me interested 5-6 years ago. There were a few watercolor artists from the UK and France I followed online.  Their work really changed that idea of tattooing only being these very simple American traditional style pieces.  As far as inspiration in the states, Amanda Wachob has this amazing brush stroke look and does a lot of replications of oil and watercolor paintings. I’d love to see her creative process. 

Q: What are your preferred styles to create in?

A: I really love abstract pieces that feel like one long fluid brush stroke. That really fits my aesthetic. I enjoy the contemporary brush-stroke look and have a lot of fun with illustrative art.  I also enjoy anything bizarre or weird.


Q: What’s the most bizarre piece you’ve tattooed recently?

A: I got to do a Darth Vader riding a triceratops and I had a lot of fun with that. The person who got the tattoo is going to build a sleeve from various artists with famous characters riding various dinosaurs.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share that you’d like for people to know about you or your work?

A: Well, the story of how I got here is really interesting. So, I had moved back home to help my family with the reconstruction of their home after the flood and was working as a tattoo artist there. Rob (Rob Hunt, Owner of FOREVER Tattoo) just commented on one of my Instagram photos and said that he had a spot open for an artist here in his shop in Asheville, NC. I emailed him after that and we ended up talking and I got the job and of course it just happened to be in the town across the county that I wanted to be in. So this is all very serendipitous and has been one of the smoothest moves I’ve ever made.

You can take a closer look at Becka’s portfolio online or get an off-the-cuff glimpse via Instagram @Becka169