Art Opening > Anna Jensen @ Pink Dog Creative June 19


Art Opening > Anna Jensen @ Pink Dog Creative June 19

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Anna Jensen, It's Possible I Might Have a Bleeding Ulcer, But at the Very Least I Have to Pee 
Press Release: 
The Bait Hides the Hook, an exhibition of paintings by Anna Jensen, opens at Pink Dog Creative Gallery, 348 Depot St., Asheville, NC on Friday June 19, 2015 with a public reception from 5-8 p.m.
Jensen’s psychological landscapes and emotionally complex narratives in acrylic, glitter, and oil stick bring to mind the humor and pathos previously mastered by great expressionists and later manifested by pop artists. A brief look at her paintings makes you relate to her autobiographical revelations that find a space and setting with masks, music, booze, nostalgia, nudity, and icons of modern life.  These elements make her work vivid and piercing. The titles of her canvases are apt and often amusing, mostly self-explanatory and poetic.
Jensen combines references to art history, pop culture, natural science and personal chronicles to represent the conflicts of life. Jensen states, “Like me, the stories are at once funny and sad. I’d say that my personality is reflected in my work as I gravitate toward combining humor and darkness, charm and indelicacy;  a refined nature within moments of extreme mess. I find comfort in reflecting what I am experiencing in life: the most awful tragedies and atrocities surround us while simultaneously the majesty of nature and human kindness occur. And I find humor in so much of civilized existence. People are absurd: our habits and hang-ups, everyone’s kooky personalities. Yet, from the squarest of squares to the freakiest of freaks, creative expression brings us all together to relate.
Anna’s paintings have been featured in many print and online magazines:  Studio Visit, The Jealous Curator, Artium Oxide; as well as in exhibitions and galleries throughout the US & in Paris, France:  Bo Shin Gallery Los Angeles, Youngblood Atlanta, Nouvelle Organon Paris.
Anna Jensen’s work will be on display at Pink Dog Creative Gallery in Asheville, NC from June 19th through August 2nd
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