Annie's Bakery and Harvest Records: The Ninth Day of Gritmas


Annie's Bakery and Harvest Records: The Ninth Day of Gritmas

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Annie's & Harvest Gritmas

The Prize: A $50 Baked Goods Package from Annie's Bakery and a $50 Gift Certificate for Harvest Records

Today, we've got a prize package to round out the season from two local favorites: Annie's Bakery and Harvest Records. It's a perfect pairing that you can bring to your holiday table AND enjoy for years to come. Who doesn't want to be the celebrated guest who brings the best food and plays the best music?

You may have run across goods from Annie's Bakery in area groceries, and if you have you already know how delicious their breads and desserts are. This locally-owned wholesale bakery has put together a glorious basket of a few of their favorite things. Enjoy an assortment of freshly baked Annie's Bakery breads all day long. Start your day with some challah or Panettone Italiano, which each make a fabulous french toast, use the included dinner rolls for lunchtime sliders or to accompany your dinner, then, indulge in some of Annie's Bakery's famous German Butter Stollen, a traditional German fruitcake, for your afternoon pick me up or dessert. Have a holiday party to get to, a friend in need of a special treat, or just a really big sweet tooth? You're in luck because this basket includes a second German Butter Stollen that will look beautiful as the centerpiece of your holiday spread. Annie's uses long-fermented doughs that rise for up to 72 hours and are free of additives and preservatives. How delicious is that? 

Harvest Records leads the independent music scene in Asheville—that's no small feat. In business since 2004, Harvest offers the most extensive and most thoughtfully curated collection of music in town. Whether you're in the market for CDs, collectible vinyl, turntable, or anything else, your audiophile tendencies will be satisfied here. Harvest also has its finger on the pulse of the best shows in town; check in with their social media for giveaways, and pick up your tickets for local shows at the Orange Peel, Grey Eagle, and Mothlight when you're in the neighborhood. Use this $50 gift certificate to get some fresh inventory—straight from the source. 

Estimated Value: $100

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Merry Gritmas!