Aligning Minds Recordings Launch Party @ The Orange Peel | Saturday, 12/19


Aligning Minds Recordings Launch Party @ The Orange Peel | Saturday, 12/19

  • Ali McGhee

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When Aligning Minds (Mike Folk and Daniel Merrill) recently announced they were creating a record label, Aligning Minds Recordings (AMR), to feature the best and most expansive electronic music out there, it was a seminal moment in Asheville's music history. This Saturday marks their first official celebration, a WAVEFORMS event at The Orange Peel. Headliner A Path Untold (Daniel Merrill) is the first artist to be produced on the imprint.

A Path Untold

Supporting performers Futexture, BomBassic, and Aligning Minds themselves round out the evening and are, without a doubt, some of the most energetic and exciting acts around. To see them all in one night is epic. In case you need any more incentive to check it out, Laura Sellers will be doing projection mapping on stage. Infinite Geometry (Andy Reed) and David McDermott will be live painting. The ethereal Kristi Wrolstad will be performing fusion bellydance. And if things get too exciting (which they might, with all of this happening!), there's a chill-out/decompression space provided by Harmonia.

Aligning Minds has been an integral part of the electronic music scene in Asheville and the region. Their residencies at Asheville Music Hall, WAVEFORMS, became some of the most popular musical events in town. They've recently started hosting these shows, which bring some of the biggest, brightest talents in the scene to Asheville, at the Peel. The venue works well for them. The openness of the space and the acoustics fit perfectly with the expansive nature of their sound.


AMR is the next logical place to take the group's vision, and the record label will give its founders the opportunity to expand and extend this vision to the artists they represent. In an age when music can seem increasingly processed, stripped of its uniqueness to attract the highest number of listeners, AMR is committed to music that possesses "emotional depth and personal perspective," and that aligns with their own "passionate involvement with an eclectic spectrum of genres, cultures, and influences."

Secret Subtle Light cover art, by Toby Verhines.

A Path Untold's first album, Secret Subtle Light, is a gorgeous, expressive work characterized by fluidity, organicism, and transformative power. In case you haven't heard it yet, check it out, support these amazing artists, and prepare yourself for the show, which will immerse you even more deeply in the soundscapes created by the music. 

The show is happening this Saturday, 12/19, at The Orange Peel. Tickets are $7 in advance, $10 at the door. Doors at 8, show 9 pm -1 am.Ages 16+. Claim your spot on the dance floor and move in support of this project. Asheville is so lucky to have Aligning Minds Recordings--come and find out why.