17th Annual Survivors' Art Show


17th Annual Survivors' Art Show

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Denise Carbonell

* all pieces featured here by guest artist Denise Carbonell 

Opening on November 15 and presented by OurVOICE is the 17th annual HeartWorks Survivors’ Art Show where survivors of sexual assault share their stories through art.

The exhibition will be on display at REVOLVE Gallery in Asheville, in the RAMP Studios on Riverside Drive, with an opening reception starting at 6 pm with appetizers and drinks provided for a $5-$25 suggested donation. The night will also feature performance art, poetry, songs by survivors, and a piece of expressive dance theater choreographed by Barrie Barton, founder of Stand and Deliver and Artistic Director of Community Choreography Projects.


The exhibition will be up and open during working hours until December 15 allowing ample opportunities to visit this powerful grouping of art.

Through art, survivors are able to express themselves outside of traditional talk-therapy, and that expression has huge impacts on one’s healing process. This show is about giving voice to those in our community who have been impacted by sexual assault, while creating a space to gather, witness and offer support.” - Angelica Wind, Executive Director of Our VOICE