15 Artists, 15 Minutes: The BEAT LIFE Showcase Takes Over the Mothlight (1/15/16)


15 Artists, 15 Minutes: The BEAT LIFE Showcase Takes Over the Mothlight (1/15/16)

  • Ali McGhee

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This coming Friday, 1/15, BEAT LIFE is throwing down the gauntlet. As a celebration of the community fostered by the Asheville Beat Tape Collective, organizers have invited 15 (yes, you read that right) producers who are at the top of their game to the Mothlight for a night of music that will be impressively diverse and will likely go down in history as one of the best and most exciting shows in the history of the Asheville electronic scene.

In keeping with the Beat Tape Collective’s aesthetic of the experimental and the psychedelic, the line-up features an impressive array of artists, both local and regional, who will each be playing 15 minute sets (15 people, 15-minute sets, on the 15th. There’s got to be some magical symbolism here). The evening is organized in such a way that segues between sets will be smooth and quick, so you can continue to careen across the dance floor with nary a care. The show is an unbelievable $5. It’s a party, and everyone’s invited.

The night will be filled with formidably talented artists, and it’s worth your time to get there early and stay late. The Beat Tape Collective has the knack for bringing talent on the rise to Asheville, ensuring that our city remains on the cutting edge of music production. This show is no exception.

Going into the details of each artist would be totally overwhelming here. But lucky for us, master mixologist and DJ Vietnam Jerry (who's also on the night's line-up) made a fantastic mix that features every artist, just for you. Have a listen: 

You can check out each artist's Soundcloud (where available) under our Music tab, available from the Grit's front page. The night's line-up is:

Jetmav- Maverick (AVL)

Stevie Pre (AVL)

Hobbes (AVL)

AWAY MSG – Kat Liang (Raleigh)

Grizzleboogie (AVL)

Cosmoore (Knoxville)


Samuel Paradise (AVL)

DLX – Drew Peterson (AVL)

DFLN  (Greensboro)

Prof. Logik (Greenville/Queens NY)

Koresma (AVL)

Slums – Rodney G (Raleigh)

AXNT – Aaron Bell (CLT)

Brucey B (AVL)

Kutzu/Vietnam Jerry (AVL)

Things get rolling at 9:30. Ages 21+, $5. Be there.