10 Things I Wish Every Woman Knew


10 Things I Wish Every Woman Knew

Above image by Alena Hennesey 


As the realization that September has slipped through our fingers, and the orange and cinnamon haze of October is officially upon us, I can't help but take a step back and remember what else October is about. Breast Cancer Awareness month is here, and the harsh reality is that most of us reading this know someone who has fought or lost their battle to this ferocious disease. I myself watched my paternal grandmother kick breast cancer in the ass, twice.                                                                                                

The women who are handed this battle can take it as a sign they are stronger than they thought, and choose to rise to the occasion, showing everyone, everywhere, that women are strong and women do not stop fighting. I admire that tenacity and strive everyday to be like them. However, I still need reminders of my own worth. So in return, I give you the ten things I wish every women knew….and maybe ten things I have to keep telling myself.   


1.) Love your age. Embrace it. Your pox marks of adolescence are your battle scars. And the laugh lines of your thirties signify you finally discovered the meaning of life. Don't you dare hide those.

2.) Keep a few really good friends. They will tell you harsh truths, but thank them. They make you better.

3.) Get back to nature. Even the city girls running around in their heels know this. Nature is nurture and it can soothe you in a way no other person can.

4.) Do not apologize for existing. Apologize when you are not. 


5.) Always have rain boots near by. When you wear them, you feel seven, and some days you just need that. 

6.) Never stop learning. Your mind is a weapon in your arsenal, right next to your wit and a good hair day. 

7.) Learn to take a compliment. 

8.) Power is not a dirty word. It is a gift, use it wisely.

9.) Fall in love with whom ever you damn well please. People will talk, but you do not have to listen.

10.) When all else fails and you know not what to do, just tell yourself this one thing, "I am beautiful and I am most definitely enough."