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  • Why Ignoring Race Isn’t the Solution

    I read articles about how people of color are being systematically killed, discriminated against, treated poorly, living in awful conditions, are being mocked at ignorant parties, aren’t being evenly represented in the media…it bothers me.
  • Four People of Color Walk Into a Bar....

    A few Saturdays back I was able to experience two sides of Asheville in one night. Usually there's a mix, or usually I just experience one and not the other. Most of you at this point are probably wondering what I am talking about.. I'm talking about the racial divide in Asheville.
  • Why I Celebrate Black History Month

    You don’t have to be Black to celebrate, and you don’t have to be Black to learn. What you do need is an open mind, and the courage to check your privilege and engage in conversation.
  • Checking Your Privilege: Conversing About Police Brutality

    There are several things that come into play when talking about police brutality. Race, privilege, socio-economic status. The important thing is that the conversation doesn't stop...