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  • Fake it Till You Make it: How to Seem like a Wine Expert in 7 Steps

    If you ever feel the need to seem like a wine expert, there are some relatively easy ways to come off like one without really knowing much about wine at all. These are some tips that I have put together to talk and act like a pro.
  • Merlot Wants You Back

    How did the media come to create an American obsession with Merlot only to have it also cause us to almost completely break up with it? Find out about this oft misunderstood varietal along with its close family members in the latest installment of #WineWednesdays.
  • Being a Wino in Beer City USA

    First, this is a blog about wine and Asheville (obviously). Second, my view is that wine is a delicious drink that can range from poetry in a glass to something fun to sip while you are grilling out, and there is room in this world for both of them!