Stay Weird: The History of Asheville's Signature Art Piece


Stay Weird: The History of Asheville's Signature Art Piece

  • Elizabeth Devido

    UNCA writer and WNC magazine intern bringing the best of Asheville to readers.
Stay weird

Anyone who’s driven through Asheville, North Carolina has likely noticed the old silo located by the water in the River Arts District with “Stay Weird” graffitied artfully across the front. The art piece has become a staple image of Asheville, and its history and inception have become an iconic spot for locals and visitors.

Located near White Duck Taco on Roberts Street, the mural was a collaboration between local muralists Ian “The Painter” Wilkinson and Ishmael. For five years, its front read “Good Vibes” before being updated by the two artists in 2019. The mural, plus the many other colorful works that adorn the city’s streets, are a testament to local artistry and artists' love of their hometown.

Asheville is a city known for its creativity, innovation, and delightful quirks, and whether the paint reads “Good Vibes” or “Stay Weird,” the old silo welcomes and promises visitors to the city with exactly the kind of atmosphere Asheville, NC provides.