Firefly Gathering


Firefly Gathering

  • Rachel Leslie

    Just a local twenty-something excited to bring AVL news to you!

Near the summer solstice each year, around 1,000 people convene from around the globe for the Firefly Gathering. There folks come together to share skills and ancestral knowledge with the common goal of expanding their capacity to live well with Earth and one another. Days are filled with classes of all kinds, each offering skills to connect us with Earth, our human heritage, and the great wonders of life. Evenings are filled with live music, dancing under the moon and stars, and of course the fireflies, who dazzle us with their beautiful display of light! A variety of nature connection programs guide children and teens to engage through learning and play. 

Knowing reconnection to be a powerful force for change, their classes offer the opportunity to touch, taste, see, smell, hear and fall in love with the living world. Many of their topics reach deep into our ancestral lineages for guidance on how to form meaningful connections to self, community, and place in the modern world. This year, they have nine class sessions with hundreds of offerings by our expert instructors. With the addition of Tuesday as an arrival day, that’s five full nights of camping on the beautiful grounds of Deerfields. This land offers hiking trails, swimming, and many forms of camping. Follow the link for more info!